What is SHIATSU?

SHIATSU is a hands-on holistic therapy, that stimulates the body’s natural healing ability. With its roots in Japan and Traditional Oriental Medicine, it is also influenced by Western knowledge.

SHIATSU uses the same meridian and point system as acupuncture. But instead of needles – Shiatsu relies on the healing power of touch and intuition to treat deep into muscles, joints, tissues and the whole energy of the body.

Through a combination of stretches, joint rotations and pressure on specific points and meridians (energy pathways), SHIATSU facilitates the smooth flow of Ki ( also known as Qi in Chinese) through those meridians., which is essential for Vitality and Well-being.

The powerful touch of SHIATSU not only treats a symptom, but focuses on the underlying causes of a condition.


What to expect in a SHIATSU treatment?

The treatment takes place in a warm comfortable space, either by lying on a padded mat or sitting in a chair.

In our first meeting we will talk about your medical history and your lifestyle, so that I can develop a picture of your health according to the principles of Oriental Medicine.

My aim is to give an appropriate and sensitive response to each person. The treatments can vary from being gentle and still to playful, dynamic and sometimes challenging.
When in discomfort we tend to give our attention on what is ‘wrong’. During your Shiatsu treatment the focus is also on the strong places within you. My aim is to contact those places with equal strength to reflect back to you your own power and potential for growth and renewal. By gently holding depleted areas, they will receive respect and nourishment.


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