WATSU  (=WATer shiatSU)


WATSU is a deeply relaxing aquatic movement therapy, that is based on Zen Shiatsu. It combines the powerful touch of SHIATSU with the healing properties of warm water.

What to expect in a Watsu treatment:

You are gently being picked up into the floating position on your back and held in a way that your neck and back are well supported and your nose stays out of the water at all times. Your body is moved, rocked and stretched in a rhythmical dance-like flow and pressure on various acupressure points and meridians is applied.

The Practitioner establishes a meditative presence, connects with your breathing pattern and adapts the movements and flow of the session in a way that suits you.

Its Benefits:

WATSU is profoundly relaxing and enables the body and mind to experience a great sense of freedom, creating contentment and joy that restores the inner source of vitality and well-being.

Watsu is especially beneficial for people with mobility problems. The body is released from the constant pull of gravity and can enjoy the beneficial effects of the warm water, which gently kneads tissue, stimulates touch receptors on the skin, invigorates circulation and digestion, releases tight muscles, stimulates the lymphatic system, strengthens the immune system and lessons pain sensitivity.


“… What each person gets out of Watsu is different. Some speak of an increasing awareness of where tensions are stored in their bodies, and how to better deal with them. Others overcome a lifelong fear of water. Some float all the way back into the womb. … And some experience a rising energy, a moving up into a world of light…”
(WATSU – Freeing the Body in Water by Harold Dull)

In 2015 WATSU celebrated its 35th anniversary and Harold Dull, the founder of Watsu, his 80th birthday.


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