About me

I am a fully qualified and experienced Shiatsu Practitioner, who has worked at the Bridge Centre in Bradford-on-Avon since 2009.

Prior to Shiatsu, I had studied Social Work in Germany and I have over 20 years experience supporting people with physical, mental and emotional health issues.

Both, my three-year training at the Bristol School of Shiatsu and my experience in Social Work have given me the skills to create a safe and accepting space and to perform SHIATSU with compassion and authenticity.

In addition to working as Shiatsu Practitioner, I have supported adults with learning disabilities in various Hydropools. Witnessing how their bodies move with lightness, and the joy, peace and deep trust people experience when being floated in warm water has deeply touched me.

I am passionate about Shiatsu and I do love water … In ¬†2013 I had started my Watsu training and since November 2015 I am a fully qualified Watsu Practitioner.

My aspiration is to introduce more and more people with and without disabilities to this fantastic kind of Aquatic Bodywork, called Watsu.

For my own personal well-being I practice Tai Chi and Qigong and spend plenty of time in nature.

I receive regular supervision and attend Shiatsu and Watsu related training courses as part of my continuous professional development.

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